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Dallas Event Will Highlight Nullification

Tenth Amendment Center: Dallas Event Will Highlight Nullification Is nullification just a talking point? Or is it a real solution to modern problems? An event in Dallas this [...]

September 11, 2018

Running for Okla. Governor, Dan Fisher Vows Abortion-Free State

Pastor and former lawmaker Dan Fisher is running for governor of Oklahoma with a bold mission as the centerpiece of his platform: Making the Sooner State abortion free by protecting life, in defiance of the U.S. Supreme Court's unconstitutional Roe v. Wade opinion. If elected, the minister turned statesman also vowed to work with the legislature to audit and rein in government, while getting the feds out of the classroom and working to restore local control of education. His campaign platform is summed up nicely with the slogan ASAP, which stands for “Abolish abortion,” “State sovereignty,” “Audit everything,” and “Proper government.”... [...]

March 31, 2018

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