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Tennessee Watchman is committed to principles over party, and first principles above all.  First principles are those upon which America was founded.  Principles enumerated in the Declaration of Independence were in fact principles demonstrated in the Old and New Testament or the Bible and restated by John Locke and others.

I’ve had many heated discussions with folks where claimed such statements were revisionists, made up and unfounded because it did not match what their history teacher or professor and the text books used in school and universities today claim.  NONE of those people could show any consistent evidence for their claims that our founders were deists (those who thing there is a God but He is not involved in the affairs of man) and atheists (those who deny God’s existence) from period writing in which the founders lived.

All one has to do is read the personal writings (letters, diaries, and speeches) of any of these men to know the vast majority were men of great faith, learned in scripture as well as scholars such as John Locke and ancient philosophers.  They were members of orthodox Christian churches, 26 of the signers of the Declaration of Independence held what we would term Bible College or Seminary degrees.

It is enough for me, having studied these documents, to accept these truths.  For those who debated me on the subject it is evident the facts were of no interest to them.  They would condemn David Barton, a historian who has written many books on this subject, as making up Christian heritage history.  Recently however David Barton recently won a defamation case against those who made those false claims against him.

Those who don’t want their evil deed discovered cannot tolerate the truth.  Both major parties are now controlled by those who are repulsed by truth.  They do not wish to be exposed for what they are, tyrants.  Those who’s interest is using the American people to develop a base of power and wealth for themselves.

I am not Republican or Democrat.  I will expose every kind of tyranny and abuse by those in power and help as many as can be reached to stand up for what is right and true.  I will provide links to information and resources to those who will help “bind the strong man” and restore the representative republic our Constitution provides.

Mike Warner
Christian, Veteran, Patriot

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