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Black Community Commentary

Draining the Food Stamp Swamp

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is high on the Republican list of programs targeted for reform — and justifiably so. The program has gone from 17... [...]

May 9, 2018

Three ‘Mistakes’ Kanye West Made

Is it possible that Kanye West is rich and famous today and 99 percent of the “victimhood cheerleaders” on the left are not because he refused... [...]

May 8, 2018

Before and After Welfare Handouts

Before the massive growth of our welfare state, private charity was the sole option for an individual or family facing insurmountable financial difficulties or other challenges.... [...]

May 8, 2018

Sorry, Liberal Media, But You Own Michelle Wolf

Michelle Wolf is not the first so-called comic to maliciously insult conservatives and Republicans at a White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, but she was intentionally mean-spirited,... [...]

May 7, 2018

The ‘Uncle Tom’ Card Is Dead

Here is a short list of prominent conservatives and independent thinkers who’ve been accused by their critics of being an “Uncle Tom” or some other vitriolic... [...]

May 2, 2018

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