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Christian Political Stewardship

TCW Minute: What Is Speech Act Theory? (Week of Oct. 15, 2018)

What is Speech Act theory?  This is David Wheaton, host of The Christian Worldview. The stated purpose of the recent Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel is to clarify the doctrines of God’s Word with regard to race, gender, and sexuality. When asked about the Statement, one highly regarded pastor... [...]

October 17, 2018

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Which God?

Ken Ham… Answers in Genesis: Which God? For years I’ve been telling people that when you say “God” to this secularized culture, you can’t just assume they share [...]

October 16, 2018

Man Steals Gold Medal From Top Woman in World Cycling Race

We don’t watch a lot of television in our household, but every July you can find us, adults and children alike, watching stage after stage of the Tour de France. Once, my daughter asked, “Has a woman ever won the Tour?” No, we told her. Women and men are different, and... [...]

October 16, 2018

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A Supersized Lanslide

Ken Ham… Answers in Genesis: A Supersized Lanslide The flood of Noah’s day was a massive catastrophe. It completely changed the world of that time. And we find [...]

October 15, 2018

Allied for Truth and Freedom Regarding Unwanted Same-Sex Attractions

Some of the most compassionate and courageous—and least politically correct—people in the country are mental health providers who assist clients with unwanted same-sex attractions. I had the privilege of spending time with some of them on October 5 and 6 in Orlando, at the annual conference of the Alliance for Therapeutic... [...]

October 15, 2018

BreakPoint: Saving Truth in a Post-Truth World

Maybe the biggest obstacle to truth in today’s post-truth world isn’t falsehood. It’s confusion. The level of confusion you and..Read more The post BreakPoint: Saving Truth in a Post-Truth World appeared first... [...]

October 14, 2018

The Point: A Win for British Cake Bakers

Pay attention, Colorado Civil Rights Commission. Yet another Supreme Court has upheld the rights of Christian business owners to follow..Read more The post The Point: A Win for British Cake Bakers appeared... [...]

October 13, 2018

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