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Science Falsely So Called

Summer Heat Causing Climate Change Hysteria

Summers in the U.S. are hot. They always have been. Some are hotter than others. Speaking as a Ph.D. meteorologist with 40 years’ experience, last week’s heat wave is nothing ...... [...]

July 12, 2018

Ten religious reasons against climate change

Many in politics, as well as in the media, are unaware that there is a growing number of Christians who are opposed to the ‘catastrophism’ associated with global warming. They ...... [...]

June 21, 2018

‘Evil’ GE Foods and ‘Eco-Friendly’ Organics

This article was co-authored by Vijay Jayaraj. Across the globe, genetically engineered (GE) crops face opposition from environmental and organic food activists, who claim the crops harm the environment and ...... [...]

May 24, 2018

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