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What Happened to Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton is done. She's toast. Stick the proverbial fork in her, she's a crispy critter. A well done, re-fried, thrice baked botulism ridden potato, not... [...]

November 10, 2017

Will Hillary Be Indicted?

 Editor:  January 13, 2016 the RNC votes on a Resolution To Impeach Obama.¹  The best way to take Hillary OUT is to Impeach Obama.  She is guilty of FAR MORE than [...]

January 12, 2016

Breaking: RNC weighing Obama impeachment

Editor:  We do not have the luxury of waiting until Obama is out of office.  His administration is honeycombed with Islamic Jihad influences and the investigation [...]

January 9, 2016

AG Loretta Lynch Is Coming After Our Guns

Editor:  The SOLUTION to this and all Obama “Executive Actions” is IMPEACHMENT.   Impeaching Obama will take out Hillary Clinton and MANY in the administration [...]

January 5, 2016

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