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Three Gun-control Bills in Minnesota Legislature

Five gun-related bills are currently in the Minnesota state legislature. Two of them support a citizen’s right to keep and bear arms, while the other three would infringe on that right. ... [...]

February 20, 2018

UN Exposed as Haven for Child Rapists; More Scandals Coming

After decades of United Nations “peacekeeping” troops and officials raping women and children all over the world with complete impunity and even “diplomatic immunity,” a chorus of global outrage is reaching epic proportions. A handful of predators are facing justice. But the tsunami of public fury comes as widely reported estimates suggest some 60,000 victims have been raped and sexually abused by UN officials over just the last decade — with almost nobody punished but the victims and whistleblowers. ... [...]

February 20, 2018

Monday Is “Washington’s Birthday Observed”

Although popularly referred to as "Presidents' Day," the legal name of the third Monday in February is Washington's Birthday Observed. This is as it should be. Putting Washington in the same category as (say) Nixon and Clinton makes no sense. ... [...]

February 19, 2018

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