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Article V, Con Con or COS

[More on Article V/Con Con/Convention of States]

There is a large “debate”‘ on the Article V AKA Con Con or “Convention of States” (COS).

Those pushing for the COS typically attack the messengers of their opposition and will not submit to any true debate on the evidence against their agenda.  It is impossible for any nation to be “both free and ignorant” according to Thomas Jefferson.  Before you launch into supporting a well choreographed STORY LINE do your due diligence and know the history and the facts.

This is an exhaustive video with both supporters and opposition to the COS.  Get your note pad and pencils, there is a lot of information here…

Links to documents presented:

Those promoting COS use tactics Obama used to win the oval office.  If you don’t know who Saul Alinsky is you are subject to being “BRAIN WASHED” by their tactics.  You SHOULD READ “Rules for Radicals” but short of that watch videos in the link above, Here is the first one…


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