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Local Government – TIF’s

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Issues presented here are not unique to Tennessee local governments.  The truth is metro, county and city governments are all prone to the same destructive schemes that “sound” really good and seem to offer easy solutions to difficult problems.  So desperate to make themselves look good, and sometimes finding these solution benefit them personally, they bite.  They ignore any evidence to the contrary and often without regard to the cost to tax payers.

One such “program” is TIF or Tax Increment Financing.  Please take a few minutes to watch the videos below and understand the issue and then approach your City Council, County Commission or Metro Government and present your findings.  Write letters to the editor.  Call radio shows and bring up the issue.  TIF’s are currently authorized under Tennessee code.   In California, where TIF’s originated in 1952, TIF’s are no longer authorized because of the destruction to communities that resulted AND the costs to states in attempts to moderate the bad results from the use of TIF’s.  Learn how local governments use TIF’s for mayoral slush funds to run their political machines.

Thank you for caring enough to learn about TIF’s!

[Additional CivicLab Videos] encourages you to look at other TYPICAL problems FESTERING within local governments.  One of these is through accepting funds from the HUD agency that puts local governments into extremely costly liabilities.  Click HERE for Articles on  this issue.

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