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Liberty First University – Krisanne Hall

Liberty First University is a unique education in the history and application of the Constitution of the United States. So often our history classes start teaching the Constitution with the history of 1776 or even later. The foundation of our Constitution goes deeper than that. Without examining the context that gave America its principles and its founding documents, we cannot understand the true nature of Liberty, the foundation of our Constitutional Republic.

The Founder’s Constitution – University of Chicago

United States CodeOrganic Laws

Free Books on PDF – By Gary North

Course Materials (Learn & Teach):   |  Daily Podcasts

What ever happened to the signers of the Declaration of Independence?

Hillsdale Studies:


Declaration of Independent  |  U.S. Constitution

 Tennessee Constitution PDF  |  Federalist Papers

Familiar Letters of John Adams and His Wife Abigail Adams During the Revolution

Article V / COS / CON Con



Declaration Of Independence / Constitution

Federalist Papers / Anti-Federalist Papers

Lee Resolution, July 2, 1776

Lee Resolution, July 2, 1776

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