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It’s Time to Pray

This Crosstalk encouraged self-examination on this National Day of Prayer. Where does America stand in regard to prayer? How about you? After looking at a brief history of this day and reminding listeners about Jeremiah 33:3, Jim presented the following related examples that should inspire all of us to seek a deeper and more meaningful prayer life: ... [...]

May 6, 2018

The ‘Uncle Tom’ Card Is Dead

Here is a short list of prominent conservatives and independent thinkers who’ve been accused by their critics of being an “Uncle Tom” or some other vitriolic... [...]

May 2, 2018

What They Did in Spain

Recently, David Simon, the television writer, producer, and creator of The Wire and The Deuce, announced that he is developing a six-hour miniseries titled A Dry Run. Its subject is the Abraham Lincoln Battalion, those young Americans who went to fight in Spain in defense of the country's elected Popular Front government. The election resulted in an armed rebellion of generals commanded by Francisco Franco. From 1936 until the Republic's defeat in 1939, Spain was embroiled in a brutal civil war. While the West refused to intervene, the Soviet Union was the only country to come to the government's aid. The supporters of the elected Popular Front government (a coalition of socialists, communists, and moderates) argued that had the United States... [...]

April 29, 2018

Pence to Address NRA Conference in May

Vice President Mike Pence will be addressing the National Rifle Association's 147th annual legislative action conference next month in Dallas, Texas. The post Pence to Address NRA Conference in May appeared first on Washington Free Beacon. ... [...]

April 25, 2018

Real Collusion: CFR Globalists/Communist China Vs. Trump

Council on Foreign Relations senior fellow Edward Alden, along with Henry Paulson, Larry Summers, Timothy Geithner, Robert Zoellick, and other CFR heavyweights, have been huddling with China’s top communist leaders. It appears they are developing a joint fight-back plan against President Donald Trump ... [...]

April 15, 2018

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Another Oracular Pronouncement

From… Another Oracular Pronouncement | It is said that “no man is taken for a prophet in his own country”. Yet sometimes evidence [...]

April 10, 2018

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