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Idaho Moves Bill Nullifying NDAA Indefinite Detention

Lawmakers in Idaho voted unanimously Wednesday morning to move forward the Restoring Constitutional Governance Act, which would prohibit the indefinite detainment of Americans by the federal government or anyone else in that state. If passed into law, the bill would nullify unconstitutional provisions of the infamous 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which purported to authorize the capture and imprisonment of citizens by the military without any semblance of due process. While some local governments in Idaho have already passed similar measures, activists and lawmakers say it is important that residents all over the state be protected from the unconstitutional abuses... [...]

January 31, 2018

New Marijuana Policy Triggers Bipartisan Love for 10th Amendment

Almost immediately after announcing a change in policy that could lead to a federal crackdown on marijuana users and sellers even in states where pot prohibition has been ended, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions sparked a bipartisan outcry. Perhaps more importantly, he also prompted renewed bipartisan support for one of the U.S. Constitution's most ignored and most important provisions. Indeed, concerns about the 10th Amendment, which reserves all powers not delegated to the federal government to the states or the people, were a the top of the list of complaints — even among many liberals and people who generally tend to... [...]

January 5, 2018

The Trashing of Judge Roy Moore | Two illuminating experiences over the past 24 hours have removed my last doubts about the allegations against Alabama Republican Roy Moore. I have grown from [...]

November 21, 2017

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