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Modern Day Slavery

Slavery has been a blight on America from it’s inception.  The argument can be made that slavery was imposed in America when we were colonies by the crown.  While the truth of this cannot be denied it is also true that when the time came to form a new government we turned our eyes away and found excuses rather than courage to face it.  As a consequence we are still suffering, as a nation, from that failure.

There is slavery today as well…

Not the slavery of our forefathers but slavery of the weak, poor and our children in the sex trade.  Though few people these days are ignorant of this truth no many have taken up any interest or effort to rescue those so enslaved.  Below you will find links for detailed information and video(s) exposing and the means each of us have available to remove this practice from our communities, states and nation.

Please take the time to view and purchase for yourself and those who may be the target of the sex slave trade… People you KNOW may be in danger, people you would never imagine are involved in this practice!  The first video below is, at the time of this writing, free to view as much as you want if you are an “Amazon Prime” member.  But please buy at least one DVD to share, more for gifts!

From the movie “Priceless” visit

We will be adding additional material to this page as we validate it.  Please do your own due diligence on this issue.  If we either ignore or excuse this issue we will stand condemned before God.

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