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Christians ‘We Know the Ending, and It’s Good’

Joe reflected soberly, "It's of course going to be difficult." But, he said, "We are Christians; we have read the book. We know the ending, and it's good." The post Christians ‘We Know the Ending, and It’s Good’ appeared first on ... [...]

November 7, 2017

The World’s Rejection of Christians

One of the clearest teachings found in the New Testament is this: if you throw your lot in with Jesus Christ, commit to being his follower, and decide to proclaim him [...]

October 8, 2017

State Department Errs on the Genocide

It didn’t take long for the Trump administration to call ISIS’s slaughter of Christians ‘genocide.’ But it has taken surprisingly long for it to do [...]

September 27, 2017

No Picture

God Has Not Called Us to Be Nice

Many Christians believe that the highest calling God has placed on us is to be nice. These Christians are wrong. God has not called us to be nice. Rather, he has called us to [...]

August 28, 2016

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