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Social Conservative Review – February 15, 2018

Dear Friends, The other day, I walked into an Asian stir-fry eatery and was met with a row of touchscreens lined up in front of the kitchen area where employees were preparing the food. The normal conversation one would usually hear between customers and the person behind the counter was strangely absent.... [...]

February 15, 2018

Fact-Checking Jimmy Kimmel on Christian Bakers: Two Big Errors, But Props for Trying

The other day, Jimmy Kimmel responded to a California Court ruling affirming Christian baker Cathy Miller’s First Amendment right to not be compelled to create a cake celebrating a same-sex wedding. Here is a response to Jimmy Kimmel’s response, which I also presented on Facebook Live with our own Brynne Krispin (below). First,... [...]

February 13, 2018

Generation Z – Seeking Answers to Good and Evil

Generation X and Millennials are old news; we are now turning our attention to Generation Z, the youngest generation of all. One research outfit recently conducted a groundbreaking study of the way this group sees the world, including ultimate matters of life—faith, meaning, and the existence of God. (Though Gen Z... [...]

February 13, 2018

An Ode to the Lincoln Memorial

A poem in honor of Abraham Lincoln's birthday. An Ode to the Lincoln Memorial “In this temple,As in the hearts of the peopleFor whom he saved the Union,The memory of Abraham LincolnIs enshrined forever.” Seated at the top of a hill,A blanket of white stone surrounds him.Wise but weary eyesFace the world below.A shame,... [...]

February 12, 2018

He is God

Does it really matter what we call Him? Shakespeare’s Juliet may have declared, “What’s in a name? That which we..Read more The post He is God appeared first on Break Point. ... [...]

February 11, 2018

Pain-Capable Senate Vote: The One Percenters’ Club

How often does Congress have the chance to directly prevent, with a single legislative act, the certain infliction of extreme physical pain on thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of helpless and innocent victims? Last week, the U.S. Senate missed an opportunity to do just that when 44 Democrats and two Republicans closed... [...]

February 9, 2018

4 Unforgettable Thoughts On Marriage

Anyone who has spent any time perusing the blogosphere knows that there are thousands upon thousands of articles out there giving advice on marriage. I’ve certainly read my fair share, so I thought it would be helpful to distill the reflections that I thought were most insightful into one place. In... [...]

February 7, 2018

Social Conservative Review – February 2, 2018

Dear Friends, Did you know that there is a genocide happening as you read this? Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) is a country to the south of China, in between Bangladesh and Thailand. The country is predominantly Buddhist—almost 90 percent. There is a small ethnic minority group of people there called the Rohingya,... [...]

February 2, 2018

New York Times Spreads Fake News About Sexual Orientation Therapy

On January 25, 2018, the New York Times ran an op-ed by Sam Brinton under the headline, “Tortured in Gay Conversion Therapy.” (The online version posted January 24 read, “I Was Tortured in Gay Conversion Therapy. And It’s Still Legal in 41 States.”) Brinton frequently speaks and testifies in favor of... [...]

January 30, 2018

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