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Why It Is Unnecessary to Force Jack Phillips to Bake a Wedding Cake

There are actually a number of answers to this question, but one of them is quite simple: because there are so many others nearby who are happy to do so. One amicus brief filed in support of Jack Phillips by numerous law and economics scholars, including the esteemed Richard Epstein, makes this... [...]

November 21, 2017

Social Conservative Review – November 15, 2017

Dear Friends, In our current cultural age of distraction and brokenness, it’s important to remember a fact of life that is often ignored: actions have consequences. This essential principle becomes startlingly obvious in light of FRC’s newest publication, “The Link Between Pornography, Sex Trafficking, and Abortion.” As this paper establishes, a single click... [...]

November 15, 2017

Religious Freedom for Bakers is Common Ground for Most Americans

The Cato Institute published their Free Speech and Tolerance Survey for 2017 at the end of October. In their research, they asked over 2,000 United States citizens about their opinions on free speech. Their study revealed that 50% of Americans think businesses with religious objections should still be required to serve... [...]

November 13, 2017

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