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Progressive Coasts, Reactionary Inland

“Calexit?” Previous attempts at secession, such as the one funded by Silicon Valley billionaire Tim Draper in 2014, have met with failure. Despite that, [...]

December 6, 2016

It Is Time for Europe to Pick Up the Phone

Trump and his allies must know that Europe exists and that [unless anti-EU elections get in its way] it has every intention to keep existing. Assuming he gave a single [...]

November 27, 2016

President-elect Trump Against Globalization

The first 100 days of his administration will start with the withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The free trade agreement with the European Union is also at risk. [...]

November 25, 2016

Space Economy in the Trump Era

Italy: Published in Il Sole 24 Ore on 11 November 2016 By Leopoldo Benacchio. Original language: Italian // Ever since 1950, space and its exploration has represented a [...]

November 15, 2016