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Is Mother’s Day an Anachronism That Must Go?

Family Action Council of Tennessee Although my mother has passed into eternity, I will still celebrate Mother’s Day, giving thanks to God for her and honoring my wife because of her own high calling as a mother. But driving into work this week, a radio commercial about buying jewelry for Mother’s Day... [...]

May 11, 2018

Tennessee Legislation Demonstrates Why Liberals Are ‘Mentally Unstable’

Family Action Council of Tennessee I sat in a Tennessee Senate Committee hearing two weeks ago, listening in one ear to a debate over “child marriage” while listening through the earphone in my other ear to a House Committee meeting in which the issue of … Continue reading → The post Tennessee Legislation... [...]

April 5, 2018

How to Find Healing When Your Spouse is an Addict

Marriage is an empowering act of love. Countless difficulties can be faced together in marriage, but sometimes complex issues can arise that can seem too much to bear. Substance addiction is one such issue. It can cause immeasurable hurt and wreak havoc in marriages. However, there are ways to manage the... [...]

March 26, 2018

Will I Lose My Law License?

Family Action Council of Tennessee The Tennessee Supreme Court will soon be considering a proposed change to the rules of ethics that govern licensed attorneys that could well result in my disbarment because of the things I’ve written the last few weeks about marriage. The … Continue reading → The post Will I... [...]

March 22, 2018

What Are Inalienable Rights and Liberty Worth to You?

Family Action Council of Tennessee After my mother went to heaven, my dad eventually remarried. After the marriage ceremony, the minister asked my dad and me to join him in his office, and we’d get the marriage license and application for the certificate of marriage … Continue reading → The post What Are... [...]

March 16, 2018

A Really Hard Question: What Is Marriage Worth to You?

Family Action Council of Tennessee The last three weeks I’ve raised some hard questions that certain Christians—ministers, young couples, and future parents—are going to have to answer. This week I ask perhaps the hardest question of all, one all evangelical Christians will have to answer. … Continue reading → The post A Really... [...]

March 9, 2018

Should Christian Couples Get Legally Married?

Family Action Council of Tennessee I know that question sounds bizarre, but after what I wrote last week about whether Christian ministers should continue being agents of the state for legalizing marriages that state law defines contrary to God’s law, a couple of thoughtful people asked … Continue reading → The post Should Christian... [...]

February 22, 2018

Are Tennessee’s Evangelical Pastors Licensing Same-Sex ‘Marriages’?

Family Action Council of Tennessee After the Supreme Court’s 2015 decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, I couldn’t help but think of the number of evangelical pastors who told me they would never solemnize a same-sex “marriage,” because it was contrary to the Word of God. … Continue reading → The post Are Tennessee’s... [...]

February 16, 2018

4 Unforgettable Thoughts On Marriage

Anyone who has spent any time perusing the blogosphere knows that there are thousands upon thousands of articles out there giving advice on marriage. I’ve certainly read my fair share, so I thought it would be helpful to distill the reflections that I thought were most insightful into one place. In... [...]

February 7, 2018

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